Two newly painted scarves still in the frame. Next step is a 3 hour steaming to fix the dye to be colour fast.

Hand painted silk pongee with salt pattern, 9" x 60"

Light weight, bright and colourful, a great accent for any outfit.

Fiddleheads, Coneflowers and Sunflowers

9" x 60" Silk Habotoi

If i Was a Chicken, Comic Fish and Butterflies.

9" x 60" Silk Habotai

Roses, Jungle and Poppies 

9" X 60" Silk Habotai

Cut Velvet Silk Chiffon with rayon pile and fringe 14" x 72"

Luscious and luminescent, these velvet scarves are a cuddly treat to wear.

Cut Velvet Silk Scarf  14" x 72"  with fringe

Newly painted sunflowers ready to be steamed.

14" x 72" Flat Crepe silk with fringe