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Fishing Villages, framed with wood from recycle lobster  traps

Small 11 " x 13"            X Small 8" x 12'

Large 14" x 32"

On The Wharf and Fishing Village  8.5" x 28"

Recycle lobster trap wood frame.


Faith Looks Home  21" x 48"

This was a custom order for a friend of her family home in NFLD.

IMG_1208_2 white.jpg

 Comic Fish  8.5" x 28"

A special gift for a retired lobster fisherman


Happy Waves

A joyful splashing under a shining sun. X Small and Rectangular frames shown here.

20210212_111532 (2)white.jpg

Fishing Village, medium  15" x 21"

Bent wood bow, end of an old retired lobster trap from Ecum Secum, NS. aprox. 13" x 21"

Bow Trap framed Fishing Villagewhite.jpg

Hopewell Rocks

13" x 17" recycled lath frame

The Fishing Village hanging can also be made in any size and hung from a dowel or a piece of lath.


Little Fish 6" x 8" painted frame

There is a school of outrageously coloured little fish to choose from.

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